I first started out playing with the idea of making my own food when I discovered my dog milo had food allergies. Milo is a 15 pound Morkie (Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier) and allergies are common in these breeds as any many others and oh my does he have them! He is the king of itchy paws, water eyes, dry flaky skin, and hot spots. We were regulars at the vet trying to get his hot spots under control when I finally decided to do an allergy test on him to find out what exactly was making my poor little guy so miserable and oh my the things I found out he is allergic to! Along with the usual grasses, pollen, and weed allergies, he also had a fair amount of food allergies. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t though of that before! So I knew I had to do something to fix this problem. I just couldn’t take finding another hot spot or skin rash on my poor little guy…

I had already abandoned giving him commercial food after reading of horrors they put into it and had been having him eat an all natural holistic food brand called Honest Kitchen which I loved. But when I discovered that milo was allergic (along with many other things) to potatoes I was presented with a major problem. Almost all of the flavors of his dog food brand had either sweet potatoes and potatoes in them since most holistic dog foods will use potatoes as a filler instead of the fillers full of preservatives used in commercial dog foods which is a great alternative! Unless your dog is allergic to potatoes… So I was left with a major problem, my dog is already the pickiest of picky eaters, I had just finally got him on a food that he would at least eat some of but that was only on a good day! He will often go one or two days without eating and almost never ate an entire meal in one sitting and would often pick through it throughout the day. I would be forced to make him chicken and sprinkle it over his food along with mixing it with chicken broth, and that was just to get him to eat half of it! I knew that I would have no chance of getting him to eat if I would be forced to stick to one flavor of food for the rest of his life, which is not only not good for your dog (dogs should have a wide variety in their diet and should be introduced to different foods quite often in order to have a balanced diet and strong digestive system) but it was definitely not going to work for him. So I started researching other alternatives and discovered that their were people out there who actually make their own dog food. Who ever heard of such a thing?! I thought to myself what a perfect idea! I love to cook for myself and other people so why should I not like to cook for my dog! I could actually control what exactly my dog ate as well as know what exactly he was putting into his body. No more blankly staring at dog food labels trying to pronounce the endless amounts of strange ingredients you have never heard of while trying to convince yourself that it must be a vitamin or something, because what else are we suppose to do, a dogs gotta eat right?! Well no more! I am now in charge of what goes into my dogs body instead of leaving it up to some company who is not concerned about my dogs wellbeing and only with the cash they are getting and I knew I had to make a change.

My first meal I made him I was really nervous. If he didn’t like this I was basically out of options and completely screwed, my next step would be to let him outside, point him in the direction of the bunnies and squirrels and say “Good luck, go figure it out yourself and see you after dinner”. As I was making his first meal I noticed he was at my feet with his nose in the air desperately trying to figure out what I had cooking up there, this was a good sign right? By the time I had finished he was basically drooling on the floor! The very minute I put his food bowl down on the ground he was instantly devouring it. By the time I went to go fill up his water bowl and came back he was completely done and licking the bowl clean! I could not believe it! He has never, and I mean NEVER finished his meal in one sitting and to even be begging for more was unthinkable!

I have been making his food for about a month now and I cannot believe the difference in him! He eats half a cup in the morning and half a cup at night without any hesitation. He has had no stomach or digestive problems (which use to be a common theme for him). and his energy level is through the roof! I think I might be on to something here…

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  1. dzyn4wine says:

    Hi there! Great blog and treats!
    I have a great dry dog food that my fickle-est dog actually eats!! He constantly tries to train me to feed him ONLY treats and he loves dog biscuits (my bad for introducing them in the first place!) I’m wondering if you’ve ever taken a kibble, and turned it into a cookie? Like, moistened it, mixed with – eggs or – (I’m not a chef, lol) and then used those as treats, even for meals on the go.. my Pom will hardly ever try anything new and I’m thinking he may actually like a treat – made from his own dog food… he likes TruFood, and another brand my Vet would prefer he eat (but the kibble is too big for him) Hills Prescription Diet; Metabillic + Mobility — any tips on rebaking, repurposing kibble would be sooo appreciated 🙂


    1. Milo's Meals says:

      Hi there! Thank you so much for your interested in my blog and for your question! I have never tried to make dry kibble into dog treats but it is definitely an interesting idea! My suggestion would be to maybe moisten it with some chicken broth from the store (low sodium only) and then grind it up with an egg in the food processor to create a sort of dough. You can even add yogurt, coconut oil, or peanut butter for extra flavor if you think your dog would like it. Then form them into the shape you want, pop them in the oven and see what happens! There is also a dog food brand called Honest Kitchen that I absolutely love and I used to feed my dog until I discovered all of his food allergies. It is actually dehydrated dog food and I know there company sells a cookbook that has recipes that incorporate using there food to make treats. I hope this helps! Please let me know how it goes and best of luck to you!


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